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how does time make itself felt in a shot? it becomes tangible when you sense something significant, truthful, going on beyond the events on the screen; when you realise, quite consciously, that what you see in the frame is not limited to its visual depiction, but is a pointer to something stretching out beyond the frame and into infinity; a pointer to life. like the infinity of the image which we talked of earlier, a film is bigger than it is – at least, if it is a real film. and it always turns out to have more thought, more ideas, than were consciously put there by its author. just as life, constantly moving and changing, allows everyone to interpret and feel each separate moment in their own way, so too a real picture, faithfully recording on film the time which flows on beyond the edges of the frame, lives within time if time lives within it; this two-way process is a determining factor of cinema.

andrei tarkovsky.